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Twice Reborn

the OOC stuff

Out of Character
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This is the OOC community for the _twicereborn Saiyuki RPG.

If you are interested in joining, please look at the second post to see which characters are taken. (The first post is simply a reposting of the rules.)

Any canon character is acceptable, including those who died during the course of the series or a short time before. As some people haven't been able to see Reload or Gunlock, including myself, the characters specific to those two series will only be playable after a large number of roles from the first are filled. Sorry about that.

There is virtually no chance of an original character being accepted. Multiple characters will be allowed, but not immediately.

All of the characters will be students, and only occasional exceptions will be made.

Then, please IM playingmyrole via AIM to discuss how you would like to play your character. I have some ideas, too, but they're certainly not set in stone. Chances are, you'll be accepted right off the bat, provided you can type well and display a vague knowledge of the series. I'm not going to be crazy about that sort of thing.

The second post and those following it will be various updates. They're not important right now, especially because they don't exist.